I Surrender All

Todd Smtih “I Surrender All” from Matthew Singleton on Vimeo.

After sharing a testimony of losing his newborn daughter just hours after her birth, Todd Smith sang this song at his church. There is power in singing words like “All to Jesus, I surrender” when you’re actually living it out. I thought of their story as I’ve been praying for Tim and his family. They are very literally living out one of the hardest “surrenders” I can think of.

There has been no update on Matthew yet. So far, the doctors have not found what is causing his liver to enlarge. John Stumbo continues his recovery. It hasn’t been an easy process and this is still a very serious condition.

Finally, and most urgently, please contine to pray for the Friesen’s. Pray for peace for their family, for safe travel for the service on Sunday, and that God would use this heartbreaking experience for their family in a miraculous way. Pray for a special touch on Patsy and their adult children: Kristen, Tim, Ryan and Jennifer.