5 hours

I did the math and it seems that we spent about 5 hours outside today. I’m hoping that means the kids will sleep well tonight! Ethan and Audrey are obsessed with riding their bikes. That’s all they want to do and it’s hard to argue with them on it. Am I going to say, “Sorry, Audrey, I think I would rather have you stay inside on this lovely day and watch television” ? Ha!

The 5 hours was broken down into three different times of playing outside. Nathan took over for most of tonight’s shift! I was doing the dishes and I looked up and saw my family going down the road. So, I ran after them with a camera.





Now I’m dreaming about moving to a place where we can do this sort of thing for more than half of the year!

Family Time


I promised Ethan we would play some games a couple of nights ago. I think it was Wednesday. We got out some cards and played Go Fish and Bible Memory. I wondered how well Isaac would cooperate, but he did great! We gave him some of the cards that were missing matches and he played with them. It’s the kind of thing I usually think will be too much work or I’m too tired to do it, but when we do it, we have fun. I need to remember that!

I’ve been trying to think about what I want my kids to remember from their growing up years. Spending time as a family playing games is one of those things. I also want them to remember that we played with them and were willing to imagine and go along with their crazy schemes sometimes. We’ve been reading The Long Winter so, someone (maybe it was me or perhaps Ethan) had the idea to pretend that we were the Ingalls and there was a big blizzard outside. Ethan was Pa, I was Ma, Audrey was Laura, and Isaac was Baby Isaac (we added him to the story). We snuggled under blankets and marched around the house to stay warm- just like they did in the book. And “Pa” would “go outside” and hunt bear. Every time he opened the door to the outside, there would be a bear waiting. It was amazing! Pa kept bringing us more and more meat. Lots of fun!

On Friday night, as we were tucking in Ethan and Audrey, Ethan told me that I should be careful not to step on his imaginary friend, Thunder. There was a sleeping bag laid out on the middle of the floor. I guess that’s where Thunder was sleeping. I went to the pantry and grabbed 2 cookies and brought them back to their room. I told Ethan that I wasn’t sure that I believed that Thunder was real. I told them that I was going to leave 2 cookies on his pillow and if they were gone before morning, I would know Thunder was real. Ethan and and Audrey looked at each other and proclaimed that Thunder would definitely eat them. I left the room and listened to them whispering and sneaking about the room. A few minutes later, they ran out of their room to tell me that Thunder had eaten the cookies. I guess they proved me wrong!

This weekend is the Winter Festival in our town. That means there is a parade that goes by our house. It’s like a miniature Hollidazzle parade. All the vehicles/floats are decorated with Christmas lights since it happens at 6:30 and it’s dark outside. We stood at our front kitchen window and watched as it went by. Ethan and Audrey were standing on chairs. Isaac was in his booster seat. All three of them had flashlights and would shine them out the widow and wave them wildly to catch the attention of the passers-by.

These are parenting moments I want to remember.

Oh, we also attempted to take a family photo. It was disastrous. This was the best we got and Ethan isn’t really smiling and Isaac is fuzzy. It was hard work.


More photos from the wedding

Joyce and her daughter, Karen, arriving at the ceremony site.

Ann succeeds in pinning her big brother’s flower.

Pastor Bert prays to start the ceremony

The ceremony overlooking the St. Croix River in Stillwater

With Joyce’s parents

Princess Audrey kisses Grandpa

Getting ready to head to the boat for the reception

The Plath family

The Henning, Weber and Fairchild families participating in “Talk Like a Pirate Day”

Audrey happy after spending the afternoon twirling.

Ethan’s First Day of Kindergarten

Ethan had his first day of school today. As I tucked him in tonight, I asked him how he felt about today. He told me that it was even better than he expected! Yeah!!!

Ethan had his requested breakfast this morning. We had scrambled eggs and bacon. Our whole family sat at the table and ate breakfast together at the same time. Eating breakfast together rarely happens! I didn’t have the dishes cleared before Ethan and Audrey were begging to start. It wasn’t even 7:30 yet! I held them off for an hour  and then Ethan and I had a little talk about expectations. I told him that I wanted him to enjoy learning and that a lot of the time he would really like it, but that sometimes he might not want to do what I was asking of him, but I needed him to do it anyway. I told him that I didn’t want this time to be full of arguing.

He did really well. My biggest challenges were keeping Isaac happy and explaining to Audrey over and over that it wasn’t time to glue anything yet! Ethan gave me no trouble at all.

Here he is with the easel that I remembered was in our storage room. I printed out some calendar and weather cards and laminated them:

One of the best parts of doing school at home is cuddling with Daddy while learning about science:

I’m very proud of my boy! I’m so glad that he enjoys learning!

Busy day = Tuckered out

Ethan has been so excited about starting school that we decided that we are going to start tomorrow. I have all the stuff we need to get started and I can’t think of a good reason to turn down his request. So, I was a little extra busy today because I want my boy’s first day of school to be fabulous!

We made a trip to grocery store to make sure we had what we needed for Ethan’s requested breakfast and then I spent the day trying to get the last things pulled together while keeping Isaac from injuring himself (that part is a big job). Now it’s bedtime and I’m tired. Just like this girl:

A very late race post

Through a bizarre sequence of accidents, I locked myself out of the blog until yesterday, when I finally took the time to get myself back in 🙂

So, here’s my brief, belated blog boast.

I finished the race faster than Amy predicted. I averaged 11:20 miles for a total time of 34:59. There’s nothing like a clock ticking up to xx:59 to get your adrenaline pumping. I kept speeding up over the last block, ending in a near-spring, just so I could claim a speed faster than 35 minutes (even if only by 1 second).

I’m still not loving running, but I am getting to really enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get from doing it.

Unfortunately, probably because they were tired and sore, I tweaked a muscle in my back over the weekend and have been hesitant to run until it’s on the mend. But, since I cut a whopping 5 minutes off my last time, I figure taking a week off won’t hurt me much…

I started a new tracking sheet, though, aiming for mid November. The new goal is to run 125 miles and bike 250 miles by that time. We’ll see if I can keep on this roll. It’ll get harder as work gets busier, but running or biking is a nice escape from work.