For Ray and Dawn

Ray and Dawn Mikesell got to hold their newborn baby son, Caden, today. He was 1 lb, 14 oz and went to Jesus 45 minutes later. At Dawn’s 20 week ultrasound they discovered that Baby Caden had Trisomy 18. It’s a chromosomal disorder that causes many life-threatening issues with the heart, kidneys, digestive system, brain, etc., They weren’t sure if this baby would survive birth.

We’re thankful for them that they were able to have those precious minutes together.

Please pray for them. Dawn will be recovering from childbirth with no baby to take home with her. Physically and emotionally it will be very hard. I’ve never gone through anything like this, but I can imagine that there will be so many various emotions that they work through.

2 years

I can’t believe that this was just 2 years ago. I look happy here. Clueless of how much our lives were about to change.

Some things look the same and some things have changed so much.

Audrey was the age that Chloe is right now. I look at Chloe and Audrey and I can’t believe how much little ones can learn and grow in 2 years.

This last year brought new grief challenges- learning to create a relationship with my father apart from my mother, wanting to grow and get healthier emotionally and spiritually, but grieving that mom wont be there to live it with us, thankful for those who express care and still ask about my mom and sad that so many don’t ever say anything.

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Monday visit to the cemetary

Monday, January 19th was the one year anniversary of Mom’s death. We made a trip to Fort Snelling to visit the gravesite. Ethan was fast asleep in the car so we left him there while Nathan, Audrey and I walked through the snow. It was so cold! I wish we could have stayed longer, but I’ll save that for another time when the weather is nicer.

It’s hard to believe it has been a year already. The days keep going by like they always do. That’s the way it should be, but it seems strange. When I snuggled with Ethan before bed, I told him all about all the things the Grandma Henning did that showed that she loved him. He loves to hear stories about himself so it was neat. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, but it was nice to have a few people acknowledge the date as significant.

Audrey Caroline Smith

It’s been a year since Angie Smith received the news that her baby daughter wouldn’t live long (if at all) after her birth. She posted a video yesterday sharing some of the final moments their family shared with Audrey Caroline before she went home to Jesus. The images and the words are powerful and a beautiful testimony.

I Surrender All

Todd Smtih “I Surrender All” from Matthew Singleton on Vimeo.

After sharing a testimony of losing his newborn daughter just hours after her birth, Todd Smith sang this song at his church. There is power in singing words like “All to Jesus, I surrender” when you’re actually living it out. I thought of their story as I’ve been praying for Tim and his family. They are very literally living out one of the hardest “surrenders” I can think of.

There has been no update on Matthew yet. So far, the doctors have not found what is causing his liver to enlarge. John Stumbo continues his recovery. It hasn’t been an easy process and this is still a very serious condition.

Finally, and most urgently, please contine to pray for the Friesen’s. Pray for peace for their family, for safe travel for the service on Sunday, and that God would use this heartbreaking experience for their family in a miraculous way. Pray for a special touch on Patsy and their adult children: Kristen, Tim, Ryan and Jennifer.