Happy Birthday, Audrey

Audrey turns two tomorrow. We had a fun time celebrating her birthday today. Dad and Brian came. So did the Fairchild’s and the Friesens. We checked out the local orchard right outside of town (we’re planning on going to another orchard in Delano soon, but I thought it would be easier to do a smaller, closer one today), picked a couple of apples, played with the kids toys and took a hayride. Then we came back and had lunch, opened presents and had cake. Audrey got to stay up until about 1:45 (was it that late, I don’t remember). She had a really great nap!

We got to see Chloe today. Ethan was very sweet around her and he is now calling Erica, “Baby Chloe’s Mommy”. He’s known her as Erica for 3 1/2 years, but she has a new identity now! Here are some photos from today!