Stormy Monday

I was all set for another steamy day, but at about 11:30 the clouds were rolling in and by shortly after noon the temperature dropped to 68 degrees and the rain started pouring. Audrey and Ethan were declaring that they were going to die. Audrey was saying, “We’re going to Heaven!”. Isaac was copying her 🙂 We survived. There was a ton of rain in a very short time. There are some tree limbs down here and there. Half a tree seems to have fallen over the Luce Line trail east of town. Our basement has stayed dry. It really makes us think that our earlier flooding was due to how saturated the ground was and not as much about a particular heavy rain storm.

Ethan started working on his “+1” math facts today. If only all days were this easy! After we finished our school work, I let the kids watch an episode of Liberty’s Kids on netflix. It’s an animated show set against the American Revolutionary War. They enjoy it and it’s a little break for me. Swimming lessons were canceled for the evening because of a power outage. That meant that I could get my run in earlier.

Nathan and the kid finished their evening by playing outside and pulling weeds from the rockbeds!

They filled up the wagon a couple of times.

Earlier this afternoon, while Isaac was napping, I worked on some things on the computer. When I got up to do something else, I found Audrey napping in the middle of the den.



She was wearing her “princess” mask” and was fast asleep.

And, a bonus photo from the other day:


We call this the lion princess. I can’t believe she pulled this costume out and then put her princess dress on over it. That’s our girl!

Running again (sort of)

I’m so thankful that the pain in my knee seems to be gone! I’m taking it very slow and working through the couch to 5k program again. I’m accelerating it a little because I think I’m just going to run every other day instead of 3 times a week. So, some weeks that will be 3 times and some weeks it will be 4. It’s been hot, but I have a water bottle and it’s really not that bad since I’m only running for 90 seconds at a time right now!

If I’m feeling good, I may try to do the nickle dickle race in Waconia in September, but I’m not training for anything right now. It’s just in the back of my mind as a possibility.

We spent some time at the park this afternoon and I was able to get some good photos:





I think we’re going to do a beach morning tomorrow! With Nathan along it’s always more fun! I do less calling out, “Don’t go out so far!”

All Mondays Should Be Like This!

It’s Monday and I didn’t want today to feel like a gloomy Monday. I wanted to do something to really enjoy the day. After doing a few tasks around the house, I told Ethan and I Audrey that we were going to do something. I didn’t tell them what it was. I just let them follow me to Audrey’s room where I pulled out Audrey’s swimming suit. Then I went to the boys’ room and grabbed their suits. Immediately, Audrey was exclaiming, “Are we going to swimming lessons?” “Are we going to the beach?” Even Isaac was excited.

So, we spent the morning at the beach and the weather was perfect. I’ve never seen my kids happier than when they are playing in the water. It was an added bonus that we ran into some people we knew from our church. We shared beach toys and they helped watch the boys when I took Audrey to the bathroom (so much easier than having to take all three when they would rather be playing).

We did school this afternoon and wrapped up the day with swimming lessons. Ethan has lessons at the same time as the Baker kids. Audrey looks forward to seeing “Erica’s sister” when we go. Poor Audrey was a little confused when I explained that is was Tim’s sister, not Erica’s. I got to hear all about the Warrior Dash that Kristen did. Crazy! I can’t even imagine a race that had enough people that had starting times all day for 2 days.

I got out and ran a tiny bit tonight. It was mostly walking since I’m trying to be patient with increasing running. I’m basically starting the Couch to 5k over again. I know that I have the endurance to run farther than I am now, it’s just the physical part I want to be careful about.

How about a photo? This morning, all three waving to Nathan as he left:


PJ Swap

There was quite a bit of giggling and whispering going on between Ethan and Audrey before bed time last night. Ethan even had us close our eyes at one point. Nathan and I complied.

A few minutes later, we were greeted with this sight.


Nathan and I laughed so hard. I was still chuckling as I tucked the kids in their beds even though they were already changed back into their own pj’s. I can’t believe my kids are old enough to have secret plans. In fact, Ethan had several secrets. He was a bit sad last night. He tried to sneak out of his room for a secret meeting he had (apparently) set up with Audrey. Unfortunately, I said, “no” to secret meetings and he discovered that Audrey had forgotten and had fallen asleep.

5 hours

I did the math and it seems that we spent about 5 hours outside today. I’m hoping that means the kids will sleep well tonight! Ethan and Audrey are obsessed with riding their bikes. That’s all they want to do and it’s hard to argue with them on it. Am I going to say, “Sorry, Audrey, I think I would rather have you stay inside on this lovely day and watch television” ? Ha!

The 5 hours was broken down into three different times of playing outside. Nathan took over for most of tonight’s shift! I was doing the dishes and I looked up and saw my family going down the road. So, I ran after them with a camera.





Now I’m dreaming about moving to a place where we can do this sort of thing for more than half of the year!

Isaac’s Bed (and a few other shots)

Isaac’s bed isn’t really that pretty to look at. He doesn’t have any cool bedding. He does have a noodle though! That’s attached to the side of his bed to keep him from rolling out at night. The side rail wasn’t working well because Isaac couldn’t figure out that he didn’t need to dive head first over it to get out. We’ll probably try it again in a month or so.


The gang’s all here. The boys let Audrey enter.


Finally, here’s Audrey looking so pleased with herself. Notice that she has given up most of her bed to her stuffed animals. In fact, they get to sleep under the sheet. Audrey is choosing to sleep on the end of the bed where the sheet is tucked. So, she’s just under the top cover.


Room Shuffle

When I’m feeling “stuck” I find that I like to change things around in the house. It’s kind of a strange coping mechanism. Since I found myself in that state of mind yesterday, I decided we would change things up.  I could have picked a minor change, but I didn’t feel like doing something minor.


Yes, Audrey has her own room now.

That meant a few other things had to happen.


No more changing table in that room because our baby (who isn’t much of a baby anymore) has a new room with an awesome roommate.


No photo of Isaac’s bed yet since it wasn’t made when I took the photos this morning. You can see Ethan’s new bed though. The bunk bed is disassembled so that their boy room is toddler-proofed. The crib is in pieces. No more crib in our house! Now, we just need to figure out how to sleep well with these new arrangements.