363 days ago

363 days ago, I decided it was time to get serious about trying to lose the weight I gained with my pregnancy with Isaac. I got as serious as I could while nursing. I couldn’t cut my calories too much without decreasing my milk supply. I made a half-hearted attempt here and there. I would work hard for a few days or weeks and then slip back into old habits. In the fall, I got a little more serious with cutting calories because Isaac decided he was done nursing.

I gained 32 pounds with my pregnancy with Isaac.

I lost 13.6 pounds right after having Isaac. Those pounds mostly fell off on their own.

My 5 1/2 months of half-hearted work rewarded me with a loss of 5.4 pounds.

Over Christmas I gained 4.6  pounds.  That means that from July until the beginning of January I only lost .8 pounds. Pathetic! I made some bad decisions. I knew what I needed to do, I just didn’t do it. I guess I should say I knew what I needed to stop doing (eating so dang much!).

This spring I started to turn things around. I increased my running and decreased my eating. I have had a few set backs since the beginning of 2010, but I’ve not let myself get as off track as I did last summer and fall. I have 2 days until I reach the one year point. I hope to have a good report for you with photos. Stay tuned!


I have been doing some major binge eating for the last 4 months. Every time I feel stressed out, or bored or think about food, I eat. That’s a lot of eating. In the interest of full-disclosure, I’ll be completely honest and tell you how much I’ve gained since March:

18 pounds.

That’s an awful lot of weight in 4 months.

So, I’m restarting today and declaring it to the world so I can’t go back. Food really hasn’t been serving my very well. I’m still bored and feeling stress after eating a bowl of ice cream. I have this horrible addiction to high carbohydrate foods. I feel like eating so I have cookies, crackers, bread or ice cream. It spikes my blood sugar and I feel good. For about 5 minutes. Then my blood sugar crashes and I feel hungry and icky. Repeat cycle all day long. So, for a week, I’m cutting out carbohydrates that don’t serve a purpose (cookies, crackers, white bread, pure sugar desserts) and trying to increase my intake of foods that occur naturally (grow in the ground or on trees…) or have a mother.