Frugal Friday

I have discovered Frugal Friday. This site dedicates Fridays to “Frugal Friday” posts and it has lots of links from it to ideas from all sorts of people with money saving ideas.

We stuck to our menu plan this week witha few exceptions- yesterday was had Subway and we had a few runs to the local store for “treats”. I’ve written down some of the things so I can get a better deal at Walmart when I add them to my grocery list. However, I’m pretty sure we still saved money. I can’t wait to see the difference after a month. I love saving money. Putting money into our savings account makes me very happy!

We did one other thing this week that is saving us money. We switched our car and homeowners insurance. We have the exact same amount of coverage, but we’ll be saving about $50/month.

And finally, our energy bills are much better this winter. Nathan and his dad did some duct work and also insulated a portion of the attic which wasn’t insulated before and it’s making a huge difference. This has been a cold winter and our bills are much less than last year.

Frugal Friday

Clever title, huh?

Ethan, Audrey and I went to Walmart this morning. It’s about 25 minutes away, but it’s a much better value than our local grocery store. I do want to support the local businesses. I think our neighborhood’s Glenn’s Supervalu is great, but we need to be more careful about our money. I think our compromise will be that we may buy produce there. Walmart doesn’t have a great produce department. Anyway, I digress.

I want to talk about how we can save money on our groceries. I planned out our menu for the week and I just spent $91.24. That includes $10.65 for a two-week supply of diapers. We are a family of 4. Since Ethan and Audrey are little, maybe they should only count for 1/2 each. Does that amount sound reasonable? I would like to keep it between $70 and $80 a week.

If you don’t mind sharing (and you can do this anonymously in a comment), I would love to hear:
1) How much you spend a week/month (however you break it down).
2)A typical week of menus for your family.
3)The number of people that you’re feeding.
4)Money saving tips.
5)Anything else you think would be relevant!

*** Edited to Add***
We have a printout on the wall by our upstairs computer of Dave Ramsey’s “7 Baby Steps” regarding getting out of debt and saving money. If you haven’t seem it, these are the steps: 1)$1,000 in an emergency fund, 2) Pay off debt with debt snowball, 3) 3-6 months expenses in savings, 4) Invest 15% of income into Roth IRA’s and Pre-tax retirement plans, 5) College funding, 6) Pay off your home early, 7)Build wealth and give.
My renewed interest in saving money has to do with the fact that I really want us to work on step 3. Perhaps I should have mentioned that to my husband!

Back to real life- kind of

We’re home all day today! The kids have been playing with their things like they are brand new! I guess that’s what happens when you leave for 4 days. The toys seem special again. We’re almost back to normal. We’re missing Nathan tonight. So, it’s not completely normal. He is in Iowa for a work conference.

The kids have been great. We bought a sprinkler today and played in the water this afternoon while watering the grass. I think Audrey enjoyed it the most. Ethan was wishing he had a water gun! He’s more into shooting people with water than playing in the water.

One more exciting thing about today was that I decided to see what I could do to cut our electric bill. Everything in our house, except our stove, runs on electric and we don’t have the most efficient vent system for cooling the house. This means that we have pretty large electric bills in the summer. The rest of the year isn’t really low, but not as bad. So, I decided I would line dry the clothes!

Now, I just need to finish my research on the best way to hang the clothes to avoid wrinkles. This is the first thing I’ve read. I guess I have a lot to learn about hanging out clothes.

P.S. Anyone notice anything different about the neighbor’s house?