A New Laptop and The End of Sickness (Hopefully)

I have a new laptop! My old one had an “s” key that didn’t work. The kids get it now. It works fine with an external keyboard 🙂

If I can remember to keep giving Isaac his antibiotic for his ear infection, he should be able to kick that pretty quickly. Why is it so hard to remember to give it to him? Poor Isaac! It came on really quickly. He hadn’t complained about his ear at all and until last Wednesday morning. He said it hurt a little before I dropped him off with the kids for Bible Study. By the time I picked him up, he was miserable. We went straight to the clinic. The doctor took a look and said his eardrum had not burst “yet”. He had to get a shot in the butt. Not the most pleasant experience, but he perked up very quickly! While we were waiting in the waiting area at the clinic, Isaac was sobbing 🙁 It was so bad that the people there were begging the receptionist to give him Motrin.

Mondays are busy for us. Isaac has speech therapy in the afternoon and often Audrey has a therapy appointment in the morning. Today, we just have speech. Isaac should be done with speech therapy by the end of the school year! I can’t wait!

We got some good news about the final chapter in our saga with the house in Winsted. We were told to prepare for a possible tax bill. We found out last week that we didn’t owe any taxes from that loan being written off. We are using the money we saved for practical things 🙂 Some of it will go in our car replacement fund and some will go toward our house to get us closer to not having to pay PMI.

I’m feeling discouraged today. We have had some good news that has been great, but some of the other daily things are weighing on me. I’m hoping a walk will cheer me up.


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