Thursdays remind me that I am weak 🙂 Even though we are 6 weeks into this school year and every Thursday we have the same routine at our tutorial, I still finish out the day completely exhausted.

This was today’s schedule:

5:45- Get up and shower and get dressed.

6:30- Kids get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, finish packing their bags.

7:30- Leave the house and head to WalMart because I don’t have anything for lunches for the kids.

8:00- Arrive at the church where we have our tutorial and bring all the supplies in for the class I’m teaching at the end of the day.

8:15- Teacher meeting.

8:30- Tutorial opening program

9:00- Help get the 1st graders to class and assist the teacher for the next two hours.

11:05- Send the 1st graders to their next class and welcome the 2nd graders to our class. I now assist a different teacher with the 2nd grade class.

12:05- Gather Ethan, Audrey & Isaac and walk out to the van and drive across the street to a park for lunch. A bunch of our friends are there. We hang out with friends and eat. It’s 90 degrees and I’m dripping sweat 🙂

12:45- Drive back to the church and get the kids to their classes.

1:00- Assist in the teacher with one more hour of 2nd grade.

2:05- Get the 2nd graders to their final class of the day and head to the class I’m subbing for today.

2:06- Teach Lego, More to Math to 11 kids in 1st and 2nd grade.

3:05- Kids get picked up by their parents and I tear down the classroom. Fold up 4 tables and bring them upstairs to the storage closet. Go downstairs and vacuum the classroom and set it up for Sunday school.

3:30- Wrangle my own kids and the Lego Math supplies and head home.

3:50- Get in the door and sit down and don’t get up again. Everyone is on their own because I’m toast.


I do not know how teachers do this all day every day!

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