Ready For A Busy Week!

We’re gearing up for a busy week! Now that I think of it, maybe it’s next week that will be busy?

Ethan, Audrey and I are leaving to go to Louisville, KY on Friday afternoon. They will be competing, along with some other kids from our church, in the Main Game Beginner Bible Bowl event. We travel Friday, will check into the hotel and get settled. Then on Saturday morning we quiz against all the teams in our division. In the afternoon, we go to Hometown Buffet (sort of like Golden Corral) and then to Renaissance Fun Park (like Chuck E Cheese only it has go carts and lazer tag). We’ll attend the Saturday evening church service at Southeast Christian Church. On Sunday, the kids will spend the day quizzing. We’ll be back home at bedtime that night. The kids are so excited!

We will be working really hard to prepare this week. Lots and lots of studying 🙂

Next week will be our Spring Break. Brian and Missy will be visiting that week. That means we get to frantically clean and menu plan to give them a fabulous time while they are here. So many exciting things happening!!!

Speaking of exciting, our church recently bought land to relocate and the leadership families met for dinner last week and pledged 1.85 million toward debt we had to take out to purchase the property! Amazing!

Happy Monday to you all!



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