Christmas Baking Day Results


We had a successful baking day. We made three different things: chewy gingerbread cookies, caramel puffcorn and peanut blossoms.


I kept myself in check and only ate one cookie! It was a gingerbread cookie and it was fabulous!

The kids all pitched in to help with the peanut blossoms.





There were yummy things as far as the eye could see. The kids tested everything for me to make sure it was all good enough!





So, how long will these treats last? I’m guessing I’ll have to make another batch for Nathan to share with his team at work.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Baking Day Results”

  1. That looks like so much fun! I love to bake and bake with kids! Perhaps you need more aprons? The next time I feel the urge to sew, I’ll whip up some for the kids!

    Love you all,

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