Wrapping Up Our School Year

We only have 2 weeks of school left! We are ready to be done.  It’s amazing how quickly Ethan can finish his school work when he doesn’t have homework to do for tutorial. He really only has Math and Language Arts to work on each day. He is behind a little. So, he needs to do 4 lessons a day to finish. Those 4 lessons can any combination of Math and LA (until he finishes this year’s curriculum for either one of them– then he will just have the remaining subject to do). Ethan did his end of the year testing last week. I should get those results next month.

Today, Audrey finished her very last reading lesson from the All About Reading series. I added up the number of lessons we had done since we started that program a year ago January. There were 217 lessons! The last several lessons had some hard words- Italian, Greek, Spanish and French words that have found their way into the English language. They don’t follow all he traditional English rules.

I happy to have 2 proficient readers. That means that 2 of my kids can actually read their own assignments and instructions all by themselves. They don’t need me for every assignment they do. Hallelujah!

Now Isaac gets more of my time and attention to help him with reading. I should be done teaching reading in about 2 years 🙂

One thought on “Wrapping Up Our School Year”

  1. Amy,
    Glad the kids have done well. The end of the school year is always crazy. Don’t toss out the reading teacher skills yet,y ou will be done teaching the phonics portion of reading in about two years. All the comprehension skills continue to be taught until middle school for sure it not into high school.

    I haven’t decided which team members are going to tackle which event. Ann has been busy! It will be great fun.

    Drive safely and see you soon!


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