Garden Therapy

Every year around Mother’s Day, my parents would go and pick out their annual plants that they wanted for their garden/yard. So, yesterday, inspired by the season of gardening, I took the kids to the local nursery to pick out some flowers.

I planted a few flower bulbs a while ago, but Nathan accidentally weed whacked one of the sprouts down. So, I decided that the little ring in our front yard (we used to have a tree there, but it died) would be a perfect place for some flowers. I let Audrey take charge of that location and pick out and plant flowers there. I believe the white ones are petunias, purple are vinca and the yellow are marigolds. Don’t quote me on this though.


We also filled the pots on our patio in the backyard. Ethan picked out these plants. I think they are begonias.

back flowers

Ethan had his heart set on a venus fly trap. The local nursery had one, but Nathan made him research them a little more before buying one. Ethan learned that there is quite a bit care involved. I think he has moved on from that. He is currently reading about blanket flowers that attract butterflies. He is turning into our local botanist!

I also picked out a hanging basket for our little flower hook I have just waiting to hold some pretty flowers and a flower to plant by the mailbox. My next task is to dream about what I want the front garden at the end of the court to look like. That’s a project for next year though. I neglected thinning out the lillies last year and they have taken over. I’ll let them bloom this year and then at the end of the season figure out how many to keep and how many to move. Right now, pre-bloom, it looks pretty overgrown.

One thought on “Garden Therapy”

  1. Those are so lovely! The kids did a great job picking out nice flowers. I hope they all survive the summer well! 🙂

    And I think Ethan made a wise choice by doing his research on the venus fly traps and deciding on something a bit less … demanding. 🙂

    Someday, I want to have a bee hive on our property. so maybe he can give me some good recommendations on flowers and plants that I should have for the bees!

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