School For Next Year

It may only be the end of March, but it will be time to re-enroll for Ethan’s tutorial next year. Registration for continuing families starts on Monday morning. I’m excited about the classes that Ethan will be taking:

Institute for Excellence in Writing: All Things Fun and Fascinating

Mystery of History. AD 30-1456

Zoology (Land Animals)

JA Biztown and Civics

For Ethan’s electives, he hopes to take one class on engineering and one on strategy games.

And to add to the fun and excitement, we will be enrolling Audrey as well. These are the classes that she will be taking:

Lego Story Starters

Inventors and Explorers

Math Odyssey


Zoology (Land animals)

and she would love to do the American Girl Club elective class.

Ethan had a great time participating in this tutorial this year. We’re still homeschooling. He has Math, Reading and Language Arts that I choose and he does that daily. In addition to that, he does assignments that he gets from his teachers at the tutorial (history, science, typing, music, art, PE, writing composition  . . .) Then he attends the tutorial on Thursdays. It has been perfect for us.

We chatted with his therapist about school stuff this week and she confirmed that this is a good set up for Ethan. Homeschooling is difficult, but it is what is best for Ethan. We’re starting the process of getting Ethan started with medication for ADHD. We’ve been doing therapy for OCD and ADHD for a year. Right now, it’s the ADHD that is causing Ethan the most day to day issues. We’ve tried all the tools and tricks that we have available and feel like it’s time to take the next step with medication.

Lots and lots of people have opinions on ADD and ADHD. They have opinions on using medication or not using it. This is not a decision that we’re making lightly. I’m feeling sort of defeated that we have to go this route, but if it makes life easier for Ethan and the rest of us, then it’s what we need to do.


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