Reading and Libraries

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I thought I would post a photo of a page from a story Audrey read to me last week. She’s almost done with this level and will start the next level in a week. She is so excited because she gets to keep the ┬ácompleted readers in her room.

Speaking of reading, the kids now have their own library cards. Ethan is working his way through some book on sea creatures. He has also been reading the books he borrowed from Uncle Justin. Audrey has a big stack of easy reader books. I think she has read through 5 of them. Isaac picked out some other books that I can’t think of right now. It’s so fun to have big stacks of books around. Every day we have a time where I read out loud to the three of them. We have worked through many of the Ramona books. We are now starting on the Boxcar Children.

Our library isn’t as big as the one in Franklin, but it’s still very nice. The kids can find what they like and the children’s area is fabulous. They also have special events going on all the time and 99% of the time it is free. So, I happily pay my fines for returning books late. I consider it a service to the library ­čÖé

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