I Feel Like Blogging Twice Today

Life has been crazy and stressful. I feel like our hands are very full. Right now my mind is a bit distracted by listening to Ethan making super hero sound effects in his room, but I want to talk about homeschooling.

Audrey learned about “silent e” today. A whole new world has been opened up to her 🙂 She actually already knew it, but I officially taught her today. She had learned it in the previous curriculum, but with this new one it was just now introduced. She did very well. She has been reading herself to sleep at night. I love to see her in her bed surrounded by books.

As for Ethan, today I sat with him and taught him about helping verbs. It was something he really wasn’t very excited about, but since he loves to read and does a lot of it, it was not difficult for him to figure out which verb or verb phrase was the right one for each sentence.  He is almost through his math curriculum for the year. Today he worked on writing out long numbers in word form. That is a slow and painful process for a boy who doesn’t love handwriting!

Tomorrow he has piano lessons and he is diligently working on The Medallion Calls for his recital:

Unrelated to homeschooling, Nathan was home today. He has been in a ton of pain in his shoulder and neck. He was able to see a chiropractor/physical therapist today. Please pray that he will be pain free soon. He hasn’t slept much for about a week and he is not himself.

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