Busy, busy weekend

Friday afternoon I took off for a one night get away with some of the women’s ministry team at church. We ate great food, and we did a lot of planning for the year. It was nice to get away.

I returned on Saturday afternoon and worked on my new cleaning schedule (I found it online from a friend who recommended it). I had missed a day that had said to vacuum and sweep all the floors. Oops. Vacuuming and sweeping all the rooms of the house took a little while and was a good workout. Later I cleaned all the inside windows. Then Audrey helped me clean the bathrooms. She is a great helper! I want to stay on top of keeping everything clean since we’ve moved in with a nice clean slate here. Nathan spent part of the afternoon getting Max’s shots updated.

Speaking of Nathan, he has been working really hard to make sure that we turn over our rental townhome in Franklin in great condition. I hired someone from our church to do some cleaning. She did the bathrooms and kitchen (including the stove and fridge) and windows. I had already done most of the stove and the hard water stains in the tub and dirty foot prints on the boys’ wall, but once we moved all our stuff out, I really didn’t want to have to bring the kids over there with me to sit while I cleaned and I was exhausted from moving. So, it was a good investment. But Nathan has still had a list of things to do- shine up the laminate floors, weed wack the back area and clean up after Max, additional wall cleaning by the stairs and in the closets, patching a few dings on the walls and shampooing carpets. We cannot wait to be DONE with it. The plan is to turn it over to the property manager on the 15th. Renting with small children was stressful. Renting with small children and a dog bumps that stress level up a little. I felt like I was constantly on edge that they would cause some great damage. It is so nice to know now that any damage my kids and dog do are mine a lone to deal with 🙂

If you’ve watched the weather lately, you may have seen that the Nashville area has received A LOT of rain. We have not had as much in Spring Hill, but Nashville and areas around it had 5-7 inches in different areas. That was over about 5 hours.

Here are some photos:

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  1. Amy,
    I have misplaced your new address! I have some photos from the Henning reunion to send your way via snail mail!


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