Yesterday we received our official notice of how much money we need to bring to closing. Today I drove a long, long way to the electric company office (it’s not in the town we’re moving to) because they make you do everything in person. All of our utilities are ready to go. Phone and internet will be set up on Saturday afternoon.

Today’s packing assignment was to finish Audrey’s room. There were many things she didn’t want to pack yet. I didn’t push her on it because,as it turns out, our family deals with moving stress by getting sick. She has a double ear infection. She’s on antibiotics and is on the mend. Nathan is fighting a cold too. Please pray for healing for everyone.

Tomorrow morning we’ll probably run to the bank, do our final walk-through of the house, CLOSE at noon and then move our first car loads. I’m planning to take photos of all the rooms before we move everything in there. I think we’ll bring over the stuff that is going in the garage and the kitchen things. We also need to pick up paint for the room the boys are moving into. It’s currently pink/purple. We’ve hired a coworker of Nathan’s to paint for us. It will work really well because he lives in the same neighborhood that we’re moving to and he will be able to do it in the evenings this week before we move the furniture on Saturday.

Tomorrow is a big day!

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