Losing Steam

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Nathan packed up a lot of the kitchen today. All that is left is the pantry and one set of plates, bowls and cups. It’s great to have so much already done, but on the other hand, it’s really kind of overwhelming to see the boxes take over. It makes me want to camp out in my bedroom with the door closed until moving day! Nathan and I are both very tired!

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After packing, we went to the pool. I can safely say that my kids have spent more time swimming this summer than ever before. We’ve been going for a couple hours each day that the weather has been nice. My pale little babes are quite tan! We are going to miss having a pool just a few steps from our house. I think knowing that the pool will be closed soon (they close at Labor Day here in TN even though the weather is still warm) is easing the sting of leaving it. We’ll still have our pool key for a couple of weeks as we finish cleaning up the house. Tomorrow looks like another beautiful day to go to the pool!

In addition to moving this week, Ethan is scheduled to start school on Friday (he’s doing the online Tennessee Virtual Academy). This should be quite a week!

3 thoughts on “Losing Steam”

  1. You’re almost done and it will totally be worth it when you are settled in and don’t even know what to do with all that room!!

    If they start school so early, do they have more breaks during the year or get off earlier or something?

    1. I think the Thanksgiving break is a little longer than the northern states get. School is done by the end of May. Summer seems too short though!

      1. I agree that summer seems too short. I was introduced to the early August start time when we were getting the Toccoa paper, but I still think it is too early.

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