One More Week

One week from today we pack everything in this house and move it to our new house. We’ll take a load each day starting on Wednesday (when we close), but we’re getting our moving truck and having our helpers come on Saturday to move all the big stuff and everything that’s left. A few days ago, I planned out what we still needed to pack and which days we would finish packing each room (except for the stuff we need every day). On the agenda for today was to empty out the attic and make sure that everything that was up there was in boxes and ready to move.

There was a lot more in the attic than I remembered! Our stack of packed boxes is getting bigger and bigger.
[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_0026.JPG” ]

I had to run to pick up boxes in our new town today. Of course I HAD to drive by our new house (not completely down to the end of the road by the house because I didn’t want the new neighbors to think I’m a stalker) and I saw the owners loading up two PODS.

We are so very excited!!!!

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  1. And we are sooooo excited for you guys. Please post pictures as you begin to move in (if you have time.) Believe it or not, your move is a really big event in our lives, too. (Hmmmm.. does that indicate a really boring life?)

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