Because These Make me Laugh

I love these “Convos With My 2 Year Old” videos. The premise is that they reenact a conversation the dad had with his 2 year old– except that they have the 2 year old played by a grown man. So, so, so funny!

2 thoughts on “Because These Make me Laugh”

  1. This is so bizarre. I was sure it was Kylene who had posted this, and I replied via email to her this a.m., then I open yours and see this. I thought maybe I’d replied to the wrong person, but, no, you both posted the same videos the same day. I agree – they are hilarious! He has the facial expressions and timing just right, but it is so odd coming from a grownup!

    1. That’s crazy. I totally didn’t see that she had posted it when I posted it this afternoon. See? It’s really funny!

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