Veggie Tales Live Rehearsal and Lobster Lonely People

Ethan was invited to the rehearsal of the Veggie Tales Live! show that is going to be happening in Nashville soon. It wasn’t open to the public, but family members of employees could go. So, our friends invited Ethan to join their family for the afternoon. That was yesterday. He had a great time and from what I can tell, he behaved himself!

This is unrelated, but too good to keep to myself. I was in the car with the kids and a song came on that has been on the radio for several years and Ethan was listening to the lyrics. Then he asked me “What are lobster lonely people?” He was hearing “lost and lonely” as “lobster lonely”. Hee hee 🙂 I hope there are no lobster lonely people reading this post.

I have declared today to be Teacher Appreciation Day! I notified Nathan of the fact as he was leaving to get some groceries for me. I can’t wait to see what he comes back with 🙂



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