Friday Round Up

It doesn’t seem like having a cold should derail me so completely. Sore throat, ¬†alternating stuffy and running nose, sinus pain, and lots of sneezing. I want to stay in bed, but life isn’t stopping for me! I went to the store and stocked up on Zicam and Emergen C. I need to kick this thing because Ethan and Audrey need to do school and laundry needs laundering and dishes need washing.

To add to our excitement, we’ve just started doing the online K12 school for Ethan. I wanted to check it out for the second half of this year to see how Ethan does. I needed a little more structure and some way to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. We also want to transition to Ethan to the local public school system in the next year or two and I want to make sure that he is ready when that happens. I’m waiting to talk to the teacher that is working with us. Ethan just passed the second semester Math assessment and I’m not sure what he is supposed to be doing next.

Nathan is staying busy with fun work projects. His love and skill with the Ruby programming language has put him in a unique position at Lampo as they are just adopting that language. He has been able to be on the ground floor in setting up some basic practices and he’s been given more leadership opportunities. Still no change in the Bell’s Palsy. We have some leads to follow with chiropractic care.

I fell off the wagon with keeping Audrey off bread and sugar. It was more work! I need to stock up more on fresh fruits and veggies and try again.


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