Meet Shelly

It’s partly Shelly’s fault my reasonable plan for our money changed.

Shelly had a burden on her heart to bring the Feed My Starving Children ministry to Franklin, TN. So, she quit her part-time job and made it her full-time job to find a place to host the event, advertise, find workers and raise funds.

Shortly before the day arrived for the mobile pack, I found out that Shelly was still working on raising funds to cover the costs involved. At some point I asked, “What happens if all the money isn’t raised?” Her matter-of-fact response was, “I’m responsible for it.”

Did you get that?

“Responsible”= Shelly is going to write a check out for any shortfall in fundraising.

How can that not cause me to evaluate my own priorities? Lots of people call themselves Christians, but the Bible says that one of the things Jesus is going to ask us is what we did when we saw hungry people.

My reasonable plan was: 1)Pay off debt, 2)Increase giving. But this isn’t about being reasonable. This is about kids that are hungry today. It also got me asking, “When have I ever given money to hungry kids?”  I had always just trusted the money given to our church eventually got to places like that, but I didn’t actually know that to be true.

Because of Shelly’s step of faith, 108,864 meals were packed. That will feed 298 children for a year!

My friend Shelly is a lot like me. She’s not wealthy or well-connected. She has 4 growing boys at home. They don’t have a lot of financial margin. They don’t own a home. Yet, on November 21st, she and her husband are prepared to use emergency savings to cover the remaining need.

I want to be like Shelly!

You can find additional information about the Nashville mobile pack event & how to support it Here

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