New Routines

Today was our third Monday in Tennessee. The first was Nathan’s first day of work and the day our stuff arrived. The second was last week when I finally posted photos of our home with stuff in it. And now, here we are, entering into another week. A few more boxes have been unpacked and more piles are getting organized. Tomorrow, if I’m lucky, we’ll get out pictures hung on the walls.

Yesterday was a busy day. We had church in the morning (we visited another church that is very close to our home), Nathan ran some errands with the big kids, I tried out a new recipe for supper and then we had our first Financial Peace University class that evening.

I knew that the house would be in disarray from all the craziness. ┬áSo, this morning, I let the kids watch one cartoon while I got ready for the morning and then all 4 of us cleaned together. They were pretty agreeable and it worked really well. I didn’t feel pulled between taking care of the house and taking care of them because it was all happening at the same time. We cleaned the main living area downstairs and then we did the two kids bedrooms and the 3 bathrooms and and the upstairs hallway. It was a great way to start our day.

Later in the morning, we went out to take Max for a walk. It was a beautiful day. 60 degrees! I’m still adjusting to the crazy Tennessee weather. Last night/early this morning there was another tornado warning. We ended up only getting heavy rain here, thankfully. It has solidified my resolve to get a weather radio though.

I hope our family and friends up north are staying warm and safe.


3 thoughts on “New Routines”

  1. Sounds like life is good for you guys! So glad to hear it. Really jealous of the 60 degrees, but I must say this has been the mildest winter in my memory. Of course, it could still change, but we are already past the halfway point and haven’t had to suffer at all! You have 3 bathrooms?

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