Timely Messages

My brain has been busy lately. Tons of big thoughts and dreams. Excitement and fear. I swing from peace to fretting. Assurance to hopelessness. Peaceful to tied in knots.

I was full of fear, fretting, knots and hopelessness when Nathan called from work on Thursday and asked me to pull out some paperwork. In the middle of a pile of building permit paperwork, this fell out:

A verse written on an index card by someone who loved me dearly. It was a great gift. I needed to be reminded of those words.

And later in the day I read these words that seemed just for me:

My prayer for you today: That Jesus would enlighten your understanding of Him, enlarge your ability to love, expose any hopelessness as from the enemy. May He stand between you and the foe of your faith and keep you passionate. May He grant you a clear answer to prayer, in Jesus’ name!
(via Beth Moore on Twitter)
I hope these words encourage you as much as they have me.

3 thoughts on “Timely Messages”

  1. I’ll never forget when something like that happened to me. We were at a women’s event and there was a little decoration with a bible verse at every place. The verse on mine was exactly what I needed to hear and when I started cleaning up, I noticed that every single other one was a different verse, but they were all the same. Mine alone was the one with that special verse. Isn’t that cool? I still have that somewhere.

  2. Amy, you have no idea how much your post meant to me in my personal life. It is just the verse I needed as well. God is always faithful and he answers us in unique ways. Thank you for posting that index card. I have added that bible verse to my greiving journal. I plan to read it everyday….muliple times. Bless you!
    (ps)I recognize that handwriting!

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