End of Winter Blues (aka I’m trapped in my house and I’m losing my mind)

This has been a hard week. It’s more than having sick kids. Though we DO have sick kids (at least one sick one, Isaac). We’re not sleeping well, I feel a little let down now that my Bible study is over, I’m having a hard time disciplining myself when it comes to food choices, I feel stuck at home because we need to be careful about gas money and there is not a blasted thing to do that doesn’t take quite a bit of driving , and I’m tired. I guess I’m feeling depressed and need to find a way over this hump. It’s just no fun.

But we’re still soldiering on:




3 thoughts on “End of Winter Blues (aka I’m trapped in my house and I’m losing my mind)”

  1. This is a hard time of the year. We should all pack up and take a vacation this time next year! Hang in there, Amy. Better days are coming!


  2. I hear you, Amy. Though my own children are healthy, several of my daycare kids are sick, and one is giving me an especially trying time. Is it nice to say I don’t like this particular child? And I’m tired of being at home, and feel guilty if I go out unnecessarily because gas is so expensive. I’m tired of the cold and snow, and I’m ready for real spring. And for kids who listen. And a break.

    OK. I’m done whining. I’ll pray for you. Please pray for me.

  3. Thank you, Chris! I would love to go somewhere this time next year!

    Kristen, it’s nice to have someone who understands. I’ll pray.

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