Snow Day

Nathan got to stay home today. It snowed all afternoon and evening and started again this morning and snowed most of the day. Today’s snow was pretty light. I can’t find official snowfall totals for out area, but it seemed like we had at least a foot of snow. We shoveled 4 times!

I’m getting ready to head to bed so I can be rested for my day back to “work” tomorrow with Nathan gone.

My weigh-in was good on Sunday. I was down almost a pound. The ticker on the side of the blog doesn’t reflect that because it had rounded up from before. To be on track to hit my goal weight by my birthday, I need to lose another pound this week. Not sure if I’ll work hard enough for that, but we’ll see.

Tomorrow will be a day of getting back on track with our routine, controlling the laundry pile and making better food choices (today was not good).

So happy to discover that we’re going to have a NEPHEW!

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