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Sundays are my usual day for menu planning and grocery shopping. Yesterday, as I was planning out our meals for the week, I decided that I really wanted to plan meals that we can look forward to enjoying together. I know it sounds really obvious, but I’m thinking about food a little bit differently. I eat a lot. Most of what I eat is junk or not something I really love. It’s there so I eat it. I’m trying to cut out excess munching, grazing and snacking. Having good meals to look forward to can help with this. At least I think and hope it will.

Tonight we had simple comfort food, but it was yummy. Chicken noodle soup, honey bran muffins and broccoli with cheese.  It’s probably not something that everyone would enjoy, but we liked it and there was enough for lunch for Nathan for tomorrow!

Note the Christmas table cloth. I thought it added a nice touch 🙂

We’re adjusting to the return to standard time. Today was harder than yesterday. Isaac was a little more difficult. Everyone is a little tired. I hope everyone perks up for Nathan’s birthday tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Good Food”

  1. Looks delicious to me! We are having chicken soup tonight, but with barley instead of noodles and mashed turnips on the side.

  2. Luke and I had a very similar conversation on Saturday. We were talking about how we don’t really spend time making meals GREAT. We satisfy for things that are passable as food and because of that I think we eat more because we are less satisfied with the good we have.

    Oh, and your picture is beautiful.

  3. I agree. You have beautiful dinnerware and a beautiful table cloth and the presentation of the food is great, too. I’m going to try to post a picture of our dinner tonight.

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