Two Trips to the Park Today

I don’t know what came over me, but we ended up going to the park twice today. This morning we spent an hour at the “water tower park”. That’s what my kids call it. That’s not the official name. Isaac likes to play in the sand in the volleyball courts. It keeps him occupied in a way that doesn’t require physical labor on my part. I like that. Then, once Isaac was done with his afternoon nap, I thought the day would go by quicker if we headed to the park again– this time a different one. We headed to one near our house, but there was no shade and it was warm. We decided to go the “lake park” (again, not it’s real name- hah!). We didn’t stay long before I decided I was exhausted and hot and wanted to leave. The kids agreed when I said we were packing into the van and heading to McDonalds for a chocolate shake.

A small chocolate shake has 440 calories. That’s ridiculous.  I wouldn’t have guessed it had that many. Now I know.

I’m exhausted tonight. I had a list of things I wanted to finish. There are still things on the list that aren’t crossed off, but I think they can wait.

2 thoughts on “Two Trips to the Park Today”

  1. Wow I wouldnt have guessed that high either. Ice cream cones are low — 150 and I think bk’s sundaes are 190 🙂

  2. I agree. I thought they were about 250, unless the “smalls” have gotten bigger over the years. I always go for the cone, since it is only 3 points (Weight Watchers) and the shakes kind of give me a bloated feeling – probably too much ice cream at one time!


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