The beginning of the end of naps

Audrey has been fighting going to sleep at night for awhile. It seems it’s time find a way to shorten or get rid of her nap. When she takes a nice nap, she will keep popping out of her bed for several hours or she will lay there awake for a really long time. She’s just not tired at night. The transition will be challenging, she gets so tired in the afternoons. The good thing is that it’s no trouble falling asleep at night, but she’s so cranky and emotional until we get there.

Instead of sleeping in her bed in her room in the afternoon, I’m just setting her up with books, a pillow and blanket on the chair in the living room. She will still fall asleep, but not as long as she would in her room. I’m hoping that little bit of sleep will help up survive until bedtime.

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