Lots of Links

Some things I’ve read lately-

What Every Family Needs to be Really Strong– Here’s a quote from this article written by Ann Voskamp- “How can a mother be frustrated her child is not as she longs him to be, when she herself is not as she longs to be?”

Jennifer Knapp Comes Out– After disappearing from the music industry (and the country) for several years, Jennifer returns and confirms rumors about her personal life. Interesting article with her in Christianity Today.

Dear Ronel– A mom shares some thoughts she wrote in a letter to her newly adopted son, Ronel.

That’s all for today. Another child has fallen to the stomach virus bug.

2 thoughts on “Lots of Links”

  1. I read that Jennifer Knapp article. So incredibly frustrating to me. If we continue to look at our lives through the all-inclusive culture we live in instead of through the eyes of Christ we will end up in lifestyles that are contrary to the Bible and the truth of Christ.

  2. The article/interview was very well done, I thought. It wasn’t judgmental toward her, but it did ask her some hard questions. Her answers made me sad and they were very revealing. She doesn’t want to address the issue other than to acknowledge where she’s at.

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