The Crib I Find Myself In- A guest post for Good Friday

(written by Amy’s father when Ethan was a baby)
pictures in the post are Isaac at 9 1/2 months

The Crib I Find Myself In

Today as I see Ethan getting up and desperately wanting to get out of the crib. I am reminded that I as a sinner was once in a crib. The bars of that crib were the sin and results of my own doing. How do I get out? There has to be much more to life than being stuck in my sinful crib.  But no matter how I try, I can not get out on my own. How I long for some help.  I wonder if I would cry out to my heavenly Father, would He hear me or even care if He did hear me.  I think I’ll keep climbing on my own a few more days or weeks or years. No, I tried that didn’t I?

Father I need your help! I can’t do it alone, please help me out of this crib. Send help!


Now I wait, but the wait is short, for I hear Him coming!  My heart is lifting, there is hope. My Savior comes. His name is Jesus.  Our Heavenly Father sent his Son to get me out of my crib!  Mother and father told me I could call out.


But wait, babies in their crib are usually wearing wet or messy diapers. Will He reach down for me even when I am a mess?  He comes with a smile on His face and arms outstreached. It looks like He has been wanting to see me.  Could He have wanted to help me as much as I needed His help?  I believe it is so. He has picked me out of the crib and now is cleaning me. Thank you God. You picked me up just as I was.

Why did I wait so long to call. Now I am free and in my Father’s presence.  This is going to be a great life!!  The world looks different when I don’t have to look out between bars.

Steven Henning –Ethan’s Grandfather- and a child of God

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