Scrapbooking my Baby

I didn’t really do any scrapbooking before I became a mom. I put some basic albums together, but not many.

Then I had Ethan and I finally felt like I really wanted to dive in. Well, I didn’t exactly “dive”, but I dipped my little toe in and discovered that the water was “just fine” and soon found myself swimming in albums, idea books, tools, papers, stickers, . . . That was almost 5 years ago. My approach keeps changing, but my commitment to capturing these moments doesn’t.

For Ethan’s first year of life, I completed 20 front and back pages. That’s an entire album for one year. It was fun and I was never more than a few months “behind”. Then I had Audrey. My free time decreased a little and I now had 2 children to document. So, I started to think about my pace, what I could actually sustain, if I was going to keep these albums or give them to the kids when they got bigger and what my point was in doing this. Now, I have 3 children (and that’s all, thank you!) whose lives I want to record, but I want this to be fun and not a burden hanging over me.

This is how I decided to approach Isaac’s baby album-

  • I’m doing these scrapbooks with the idea that I’ll be giving them to each child when they graduate. With that in mind, I’m going to try to keep the number of albums down. Ethan is not going to want 18 photo albums. So….
  • I’m letting myself go a little crazy on the first year album. So many changes, growth and milestones happen that first year. It’s really fun to document all of that.
  • After the first year, I’m slowing the pace down a lot (more on that in a future post).
  • I’ve found that planning out what I want to include in the album ahead of time helps me select just the photos that I’ve already taken that serve that purpose and helps me to be more directed and mindful as I take photos in the future.
  • My page plan for Isaac’s baby album (which will include his first 2 years of life) looks like this (not necessarily in this order): collage of monthly photos, pregnancy photos, letter from me to Isaac, birth story and hospital¬† photos, early days at home, Christmas, Easter, Baby Dedication, first birthday, photos with siblings, photos with Daddy, photos with mommy, 2nd birthday, 2 page spreads for every 3 months that include favorite photos and journaling of milestones/routine/highlights.
  • I’m making a list of types of photos and moments that I want to capture and putting it somewhere as a visible reminder.
  • I’m making a renewed commitment to include lots of journaling- stories of what Isaac was like, what our life was like, how much we love him, what his siblings think of him and what they do with him. These are the things that Isaac is going to really appreciate as he gets older.

This is my progress so far. I’m about 9 months “behind”, but I’m happy with that!




I need to finish writing out Isaac’s birth story still.


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