We’re all home and the cake was a big hit. Nathan didn’t have to go in to work yesterday. It was nice to have an extra day with him after his 4 day absence. The kids are monopolizing him as much as possible and making up for lost time. Right now, they are downstairs working on Ethan’s car for the pinewood derby race for AWANA this week. Yesterday we all went to McDonalds for supper. The kids climbed and climbed the playland structure. Audrey was the one who showed Ethan how to get to the big slide. He would keep turning the wrong way and end up on the smaller slide. I guess the little sister can teach the big brother something now and then.
With Nathan back, I was able to run yesterday and today. I hope to get one more run in for this week since my running week ends on a Sunday. If I get out tomorrow, I should have a record high mileage week of 14 miles! The sun has been out and the 30 degree temperatures feel pretty warm when I’m running.
Grocery shopping and meal planning is done for the week. I can’t believe it’s going to be March in 2 days! Spring cannot get here soon enough!
Isaac is still on strike against his 3rd nap of the day. This makes me very sad, but it’s been about 3 days now that I’ve laid him down and he cries for an hour until I go and get him. I can’t bring myself to leave him for longer than that when he’s screaming the entire time and by that time it’s 4:30. It’s frustrating because I know he’s tired. His earlier nap only lasted about 40 minutes. I wish there was an “easy” button to solve this dilemma. It’s not like he’s just not tired and would happily play if I didn’t lay him down. He’s cranky and wants my attention. If I walk by him, he starts to cry . I’ve resorted to sneaking past him when I have to go through the room where he’s playing because seeing me changes him from happily playing to pathetic sad cries. I suppose it will get better soon.

Here are some cute pictures to make it all better.

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