The Most Amazing Post You’ll Ever Read

Last week, we had a little water problem. Seems that 9 inch thick ice on your roof can cause a bit of a problem Who knew? You did? Huh. Good for you. Click on the photo for a bigger view.

Ethan and Audrey have a closet. With shelves. Finally, it’s more than a little tiny room for Ethan to stuff all of his treasures. And when I say “treasures” I mean all the things that I was hoping to throw away because they are trash or junk.

Audrey is cute. More proof of that here. I love this little smile. I think she’s pretty. He likes to say “actually” all the time.

Isaac is also cute. I thought I would post this photo as evidence. I’m feeling a little blue today and thought that doing a strange blog post would help.

See? Wasn’t that fabulous? It’s much more interesting than this post, or this one, or even this one.
I would have posted a picture of Ethan too, but I’m having a lot of trouble posting pictures from blogger. I can do it from Picasa, but it only lets me post 4 at a time. Any thoughts on that? Anyone?

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