Encouraging my husband

First things, first. A picture. Everyone likes posts with pictures. So, here is photographic evidence of the most exciting thing happening in our house right now- BUNK BEDS. We have had the one bed for a while, but just received the second one on Saturday night. This is now the cool place to play in the house. Audrey can’t climb the ladder, but we can make her area into a fort by hanging a blanket attached under the top mattress. Boy oh boy! Fun times.

Moving on.

My husband is amazing, incredible, capable, handsome, hard-working, brilliant and practically perfect in every way. He is now on week three of some incredibly stressful times at work. He and his staff are working as fast and as hard they can to get work done and things just keep getting thrown at them. Things completely out of their control happen and that means they have to drop the other very urgent things they are working on to attend to the another emergency. It’s long, hard, thankless days.

I’m trying to learn how to be a good and encouraging wife to Nathan. I fail a lot and just get stressed out for him and end up making things worse. I’m working on getting better though. I love him and want our home to be a place of refuge for him. I want him to be able to call and hear an encouraging voice.

With that in mind, would you be willing to help me? If you know my husband and have anything nice to say about him or if your life has benefitted from his amazingness, would you let him know? You may leave it in a comment on this site or you can email it to him at nathan (at) the fritzes.net.

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