Rainy Monday

It’s raining and very windy! It looks like rainy weather for the entire week. Apparently this is a good thing to get all the frost out of the ground so thing can really dry up. I’m looking forward to that!

It was a busy weekend. I spent Saturday working on scrapbooking with Kimberely, Joan, Courtney and another woman whose name I have now forgotten. I completed 8 pages. Most of them were for Ethan’s album. I want to be pretty much up to date with him by his birthday.

Yesterday, we stayed home from church. Ethan was asking for a bucket when he woke up and I was feeling under the weather and slept a lot of the day away. I’m still feeling sort of sick. I think it’s just this pregnancy though. I’m finally in the last trimester. As I take my vitamin each morning, I love to see how the number of them left in the bottle keeps getting lower.

I napped when Audrey slept today. It was marvelous! I hope the rest of the day goes by quickly.

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