Preschool Screening

Ethan had his preschool screening yesterday. Nathan took the afternoon off so I was able to leave Audrey at home while Ethan and I trekked 1 1/2 blocks to the elementary school.

We started with getting weighed and measured and then he had screenings for hearing, vision, and speech/developmental. At the last station, he needed a 16 to pass for his age. He had a 23. He would have had more but when the teacher said, “A bird flies and a fish….” Ethan finished the sentence with “dives” instead of swims. But I think he was really just trying to find an appropriate work that kind of rymed with “flies”. I would have given him extra credit for that! He did well and they didn’t seem to think he had any problems that would need a referral. I wasn’t expecting anything. The one thing that bothered me a little was that they seemed to assume I didn’t know anything and they tried really hard to find something wrong. I was proud that Ethan cooperated so well. Only a little over a year until Kindergarten!

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