99 Days to go!

My countdown says I have 99 days to go. That’s so crazy! It’s strange to have to be prepared for 99 days, but to also have to be prepared to be out of commission in 7 weeks= 49 days. That would put me at about the time I went on bedrest last time. That doesn’t sound like very much time to get everything ready.

My glucose tolerance test is next week at my regular OB visit. I have a bad feeling that I’m going to fail that test. I’m been feeling sick after having sugary things. I really don’t want to have to do a 3-hour test at the clinic. I had some stomach pain yesterday that sent me to bed for a while. Thankfully, the pain stopped. I hope this next appointment is uneventful. I’m feeling tired again. I hope we can all get good naps today.

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