Pregnancy update- 18 weeks

The whole family went together to my OB appointment yesterday. Having a family doctor has it’s advantages- like having toys in the exam rooms! Once the toys lost their appeal, tongue depressers kept the kids happy.

I had a late day appointment. Those are always a gamble. Sometimes doctors can be running behind by the end of the day. Yesterday was great though. As soon as I checked in at our station, my nurse told me I could come right back. No waiting. I’m back up to my prepregnancy weight and my blood pressure was good. I always worry about the blood pressure which tends to work against me since I should just relax so they can get a good reading! Found the heartbeat right away. It was 150 and she found it right where I’ve been feeling movement. 150 sounds like “boy” to me! She measured me at 17 weeks. Within normal range for being 17 weeks and 5 days. My due date was changed last time to June 19. I thought it was changed to the 18th so I’ve been off by a day for a month. On Friday I’ll be 18 weeks.

I asked her a few questions about my past deliveries. She told me that she thinks I don’t really feel early labor like most women. It’s not that I have such a high pain tolerance, it’s that it presents differently with me than traditional timeable stomach pain. With Audrey, my hips hurt. I thought they were going to pop out of joint just a few hours before “going into labor”.

Our ultrasound is scheduled for Feb 2 at the hospital. The next OB appointment is on Feb 18.

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