Feeling better

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I’m feeling better. Yesterday was a really good day. I feel like I may be ready to rejoin society again!

Ethan and Audrey had fun playing with water colors and play doh for a lot of the afternoon. We ventured to Target in the morning and got some Christmas shopping done. I have not felt up to that for a while. It was nice to get out. While there, I actually saw the OB who did my ultrasound! Not being very excited about shopping in general, I didn’t last long before deciding to head home.

I don’t remember if I mentioned the baby’s heart beat in the last post. For those of you keeping track, it was 160. I weighed in at 3 lbs below where I was when we I found out we were pregnant. I was surprised to see that there was a digital display on the scale at the doctor’s office.

The kids seem healthy. Audrey is over her stomach flu. Ethan is fine except for a runny nose. Audrey wants her diaper changed all the time. Once the holidays are over, we’ll start working on potty training. Hopefully, we can be done with diapers for a few months.

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