9 weeks

I never did get around to getting any photos taken of myself since I posted the last one a couple of weeks ago. The light will be bad when Nathan gets home tonight. So, I’ll have him take one tomorrow morning.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I need to not wait until I’m miserably sick to take my medicine. I had a bad night on Wednesday and that was enough for me. So, I’m taking my pill(s) first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon if I think I might need them. Yesterday was so much better when I followed that routine. I think I’ll stick with it and hope I wont need more than a couple more refills.

Some of my early pregnancy bloating has settled down a little and I’ve lost a little weight from being sick. I’m down about 3 pounds from where I was when we found out we were expecting. One of my books says that the baby is about the size of a medium sized olive right now. I love how they always use food to describe the size of the baby.

My first OB appointment is scheduled for December 16. I’ll be about 12 1/2 weeks then so it shouldn’t be a problem to hear the heart beat. They also do a full physical work-up and take lots of blood at that appointment. I think it’s the longest of all the OB appointments that I typically have. The other ones are real quick unless I have questions.

I’m planning to finish some laundry today. Nathan has been working hard at keeping up with house stuff while I’m sick. Now that I’m feeling a little better, I hope to take some of that load back.

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