End of the week!

We made it through another week! It was kind of cold out the last couple of days and I’m being reminded of what it’s like to stay inside for the day. It’s not as much fun and the house gets much messier. I’m considering moving all the toys downstairs. Wouldn’t it be nice if only one room of the house had toys all over? Am I dreaming?
We played with the Little People school bus and farm and the Diego rescue center this afternoon. I tried to get a picture of Ethan, but he was too busy and didn’t want me to do it. This is a picture of Audrey playing with the Little People in the “Rescue Center”. Look, a freshly primed wall behind her! Progress.
Tonight we went to Country Kitchen for supper. The kids like the Mr. Chippy Pancakes and it was a nice break from cooking. When we came back we cleaned and read a story. Daddy did voices and it was great!

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