Much calmer day

After yesterday’s excitement, today wasn’t nearly as eventful.
We Ethan and Audrey got to play with Ezekiel, Zemirah and Gideon this morning while their mom had a doctor appointment (39 weeks now?). They are getting ready for a new baby sister. You can come out now, Baby! Your mommy is ready!

I made a new recipe tonight that most of you will probably think sounds disgusting. Nathan and I really liked it though and Ethan liked it too. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. This is what I made. My aunt used to make them and I thought I would give it a try. They were relatively easy and had a nice mild taste.

Ethan and I had so much fun playing with his hot wheels car launcher this afternoon. I can’t trying it and it wouldn’t work for me. The car would get jammed or it would flip when it launched and I would say, “What!?” Each time Ethan would laugh hysterically. I live listening to a belly laugh from him. He was practically laying on the floor laughing.

Audrey seems fully recovered from her injury. Nathan shared his story at work today and was regaled with many different stories from other parents of how they injured their children. Apparently, we’re in good company.

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