Happy Anniversary

On Saturday, Nathan and I celebrated our 5th anniversary- apart. I was at a retreat with the women from our church and Nathan and the kids were at home. I left a gift for Nathan and he sent one with me. It was so funny to read the card that Nathan got for me and to realize that the things he wrote on the card were almost the same exact phrases that I wrote on his card.

It was nice to get home. I enjoyed my time away, but it made me anxious to see them. I have a busy day of getting ready for tonight’s Daniel study. I’m a little behind on that so I’ll work on it during nap time.

Audrey had her 2 year well-baby checkup today. She was 27lbs, 8 oz. I don’t remember what percentage that was, but she’s perfectly healthy and good proportion for height to weight. She’s doing all the things she is supposed to be doing. I wasn’t worried, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

Have a happy Monday.

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