Political arguments are making me crazy

I don’t want to make this blog about politics. So, I’m going to make this post and then leave it alone.

Dear American citizens,

We are very priviledged to live in a country where we get to freely vote for whatever candidate we choose. There are many societies that don’t get to do that. Have you ever stopped to think about what an amazing thing it is, that after a presidential election, power changes hands so seamlessly? It’s pretty cool!
I plan to vote. I don’t think my candidate is perfect. I don’t agree with everything he has said and done personally and politically. I don’t think I’m more spiritual or any more of a Christian than someone who doesn’t vote the way that I do. I am going to assume that you are making an informed decision when you cast your vote. Fans of the person who is getting my vote will say negative things about the opposition. Fans of the person who is not getting my vote will say negative things about their opposition. There are truths and lies on both sides.

Guess what? I don’t care to hear it anymore.

I’m planning on voting on the issues. I hope you do too. Find out what are the non-negotiables for you, and vote accordingly. There probably isn’t a perfect candidate out there that agrees with you on every last thing, but make a good faith effort to find out all you can about the things that you think matter most and vote your conscience.

That said, I believe that there is a lot of power in politics, but I don’t put my faith in politicians. If my candidate doesn’t win the election, I wont be devastated. God has no less power with one party in office over another. Obedience to God’s leading in my everyday life is the most important thing.

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