We’re here still!

Sorry I haven’t updated in so long. Here are some of the exciting things we’ve done lately:

We took the kids to the bank and opened up savings accounts for them. They each have $20 now! Part of the kids banking program at Klein Bank they give coupons for restaurants for every $25 you deposit and they also get a free movie at Christmas time. They just rent the entire movie theatre (all the screens) and show the kid-friendly movie.

Audrey has been asserting her will a little more lately. I guess that’s to be expected. She will be 2 soon! She loves to play with Ethan and jump. She randomly jumps up and down. It’s very cute!

Ethan keeps surprising us with his vocabulary and reasoning skills. He makes us laugh. He prayed the other night and said, “Thank you Jesus for all your heart, for all your soul and all your mind. . .” I wonder what Bible verse they are learning in Sunday School?!

We went for a 9 mile bike ride yesterday. I needed the exercise. I’ve had such good intentions about eating better, but I have no followed through. I’m having a fresh start today.

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