Everyday Photo List and my new photo album

I found a really cool list on Shutterfly. It’s a whole page of ideas of everyday photos. Here are a few from the list:
Rooms in your house
What you eat for breakfast
Work desk
The backs of your kids(spouse) as they leave the house
The exterior of your house
Piles- paper, laundry, dishes, coats, DVD’s
Pieces of the whole- part of your coffee cup, a protion of your favorite chair, clothes hanging in your child’s closet
Your morning/evening drink
Here is the whole list.
I also wanted to show you a picture of my very cool new photo album. I realize that there isn’t really anything “new” about it. It’s like the photo albums that have been used for years and year, but I love it because it has 5- 4×6 slots on each page. Just enough to put a few picture in and use one or two slots for fancy paper and journaling.

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