I have been doing some major binge eating for the last 4 months. Every time I feel stressed out, or bored or think about food, I eat. That’s a lot of eating. In the interest of full-disclosure, I’ll be completely honest and tell you how much I’ve gained since March:

18 pounds.

That’s an awful lot of weight in 4 months.

So, I’m restarting today and declaring it to the world so I can’t go back. Food really hasn’t been serving my very well. I’m still bored and feeling stress after eating a bowl of ice cream. I have this horrible addiction to high carbohydrate foods. I feel like eating so I have cookies, crackers, bread or ice cream. It spikes my blood sugar and I feel good. For about 5 minutes. Then my blood sugar crashes and I feel hungry and icky. Repeat cycle all day long. So, for a week, I’m cutting out carbohydrates that don’t serve a purpose (cookies, crackers, white bread, pure sugar desserts) and trying to increase my intake of foods that occur naturally (grow in the ground or on trees…) or have a mother.

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